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Sublime Text es un editor fantástico, aquí una lista de los shorcuts que nos ayudarán a ser más productivos cuando desarrollamos software.

Si tienes algún otro que no está en la lista solo déjalo en los comentarios para que lo agregue aquí.


?Tgo to file
??Pgo to project
?Rgo to methods
?Ggo to line
?KBtoggle side bar
??Pcommand prompt
? `python console
??Nnew window (useful for new project)


?Lselect line (repeat select next lines)
?Dselect word (repeat select others occurrences in context for multiple editing)
??Mselect content into brackets
???insert line before
??inter line after
??Kdelete line
?KKdelete from cursor to end of line
?K?delete from cursor to start of line
??Dduplicate line(s)
?Jjoin lines
?KUupper case
?KLlower case
? /comment
?? /block comment
?Yredo or repeat
??Vpast and ident
? spaceautocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
?Mjump to matching brackets
?Usoft undo (movement undo)
??Usoft redo (movement redo)


??Aselect content into tag
?? .close tag


??Gfind next occurrence of current word
??Gselect all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
??Ffind in files


??1single column
??2two columns
??5grid (4 groups)
?[1,2,3,4]focus group
??[1,2,3,4]move file to group
?[1,2,3…]select tab


?F2toggle bookmark
F2next bookmark
?F2previous bookmark
??F2clear bookmarks


?K spaceset mark // ?K; for me
?KWdelete from cursor to mark
?KAselect from cursor to mark
?KGclear mark

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